The Power  Beyond Your Thoughts – Part 1

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The Power  Beyond Your Thoughts – Part 1

As a trainer I hear many different versions of self talk.  Let’s take for example a new client working out for the first time.  We all know it can be quite an intimidating experience as there is so much to learn with such big expectations.  After all, they do have a goal in mind and they want it yesterday.  Problem here is that they’re trying to get their body to move in ways that should be natural for any body to perform but after years, perhaps even decades of being stagnant or inactive, these simple tasks become surprisingly difficult.  And along comes their self talk.  ‘I’m too weak!’, ‘I’m so uncoordinated!’, ‘I’m so clumsy!’ and, perhaps my favorite of them all, ‘Am I stupid?’  The answer is no, you are none of the above.

Now, let’s take a client on an intermediate level that is being challenged all over again with, for example, a compound movement.  This now requires multiple joints to move a weight thereby adding a new dimension to how they need to think.  And again, along comes the self talk.  ‘This is @#$%ing impossible!’, ‘I don’t like this move, can we try something else?’… you get my point.  In as much as this doesn’t appear as self talk it demonstrates how quickly the mind shifts to our habitual thought pattern when the going gets tough.

Let’s now touch on the subject of food. The most negative self talk usually revolves around nutrition and this, my friends, is what will make or break your success when it comes to the vast majority of so-called ‘fitness’ goals.  Yup, you guessed it.  Weight loss.  Anytime I hand out an eating plan (notice I did not say diet), it’s new and exciting for the client…. for about 3 days.  Once again, as the truth about our self talk rears it’s ugly head, out it comes.  ‘I can’t eat this food’ (and not for allergy reasons either), ‘it’s too early to eat, I need my 2-4 cups of coffee first’, ‘I’m too busy’, ‘I’m choking back this food’, ‘It’s too much food’, ‘It’s not enough food’, ‘I was out with friends’, ‘my daughter wanted McDonald’s’, and again my favorite… ‘I was stressed so I said @?#% it’… Sound familiar?  Well you’re not alone. This pattern of thinking is so very common it would blow your mind.

Before I dive into the next part of this series I want to give you a task.  Sit back and think of the last time you took on a personal challenge regardless of what it was.  How did you do?  Now think of a challenge that took a little longer and a bigger commitment.  Did you follow it through?  If yes, congratulations!  If no, what stopped you?  Think long and hard about this one and do not point the finger at anyone other than that person that you reflect in the mirror.  Try to pin point the why not…

Movement and skills can be taught but habits need to be changed.  Without changing the habit, you will fall back into old patterns of behaviour and thinking.  So I ask you this, are you willing to sacrifice your bad habits in exchange for those that will benefit your well being?  Until next time…